Tips on transforming a blank space for a wedding or event

How to transform a huge blank space into something that’s fit for a wedding or a “WOW” event? It’s something that I come across so many times and fills people with dread as to where to start.

Firstly, don’t panic! Below are some of my tips for dealing with that blank canvas.

1. Break up the space– try and visualise different pockets of activity throughout the space. For example; there could be a chill out lounge in one space (try my hay bale lounge look), a catering area, a dance floor & space for the band. Before you know it, the space will no longer feel that daunting. Use foliage and trees to provide a natural divide between these spaces. 

Drapes help to divide areas up for this wedding

A hay bale and palletwood chill lounge (hire & styling Blue Wren Barn) helps break up the space in this marquee

2. Lighting- Especially important if you have a really ugly space!We can’t always have those cool venues with exposed brick walls, high ceilings and huge windows letting masses of light in… So, we dim the room and use lighting to create intimacy. Try festoon and fairy lighting, lanterns and tea lights.

3. Flowers, foliage & trees- Introducing any of these can really help to soften the space. If the space is huge, don’t be led to think that a few vases of flowers will cut it. It’ll get lost in that kind of space. Think 7 ft trees; olive, birch and beech or if you have a team of helpers try suspended foliage above the tables.

4. Work with textures- try mixing natural materials such as hessians, linens and furs dispersed with greenery and foliage. These smaller touches can really add depth and character to a blank venue space.

5. Personalise- for entrances or connecting spaces, why not hang some photos to personalise the space?  Try photos from your old family albums, holidays and celebrations. 

6. Hiring in tables & chairs- if the chairs are that ugly, then get rid! Nothing can make a chiavari chair look great…instead look at hiring simple rustic chairs and mixing up with crisp white linens over long tables. Alternatively, hire white chairs and couple with our rustic wooden up-cycled tables. Try and avoid mixing wooden tables & chairs together; you’ll get rustic overload. 

7. Backdrops – perfect as a backdrop for an indoor ceremony or use to frame a dessert table to create that wow factor. If you’re looking for an alternative from the light up letters, try these oversize zinc letters as a great alternative to fill up a blank space.

8. Bar – OK depending on the space you have, there may already be a regular bar but how a speciality bar serving either artisan gins or cocktails? Is there alcohol produced nearby that could make it more personal and also support local business? There’s some amazing gins produced in Exmoor that are served near here. I love the idea of making it your own style by having guests add their own accompaniments of florals & herbs.


Photo Credits

Barn and festoon lighting- Whimsical Wonderland weddings –

Hay bale & palletwood lounge – Blue Wren Barn

Suspended foliage chandeliers – 

Freckle Photography

Zinc letters –

Gin bar-


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